Hostel Life Is So Famous, But Why?

There are certain schools which admit only day-scholars, some both boarders and day scholars and some take in only boarders. I have studied in a school which requires students to be compulsorily boarders. To me, hostel life was a pleasure, but my parents were never too keen to send me there for a very long time.

hostel life

                                 It was when I turned fourteen that I was admitted to a hostel. Afterall a home is a home. But I tried to take advantage of my hostel life.

  Why is hostel life necessary?

 The purpose of life in a hostel is to prepare students in such a way that when they step out of their limited society called the school, they should be able to face life’s challenges and shoulder responsibilities. They should be well adjusted in society.

 Life in hostel presents a situation in a miniature form. There, they are taught how to co-operate and qualities of sportsmanship. They become independent and self-sufficient. In a hostel, every student work for himself. They cannot think of anyone else doing their work as they would normally expect at home.

   They become more disciplined as there is no one to pamper them. Hostellers have to say goodbye to sloth and become active. They have to wash their clothes, make their bed, etc. They have to take good care of their health. Whenever they are ill, they have to remember to take their medicines on time. In the hostel, I started doing all these things myself. I found myself becoming more responsible.

Difference between home life and hostel life.

But once you start living in a hostel, you miss home a lot. One feels lonely and miserable at times. The food in the dining hall is bad, and one starts to lose weight. The home provides good food, whereas hostel food sucks. Hosteller often has an upset stomach and miss the comforts of home a lot. At times the strict discipline of the hostel, life becomes too curbing, and one feels like breaking away from the chains of hostel life.

On the other hand, one becomes independent in hostel life. Hosteller comes across many difficulties during their stay in the hostel. Hosteller knows they have to face them all alone, which makes them independent at times.

Life in a hostel gives the value of helping each other in need, whereas, in home life, one is dependent on their parents. Also, the hostel provides a better environment for studying than at home. When a careless student sees his roommate or friend competing for the position, he also tries to do the same.

hostel life

Advantages of hostel life

  • Studying is the main reason why students live in the hostel. The hostel gives the best environment for studying. It develops a sense of competitiveness among the students. Students become punctual and disciplined in their life.
  • The hostel provides you with the opportunity to meet with several people of your age. It allows making friends with whom you can eat, gossip, explore and drink together. They make friends from the different social background.
  • Living in a hostel away from parents makes you independent. It develops a sense of responsibility among students’ which trains in making important decisions in future.
  • Life in a hostel makes you understand the importance of money.
  • Unavailability of basic features like shortage of water and power cut does not hamper much to a hosteller; they develop the tendency of adjusting with those conditions. One who survives in a hostel can survive anywhere.
  • Hostel atmosphere not only develops the academics of students but also helps in developing the physical health of students. Football match and cricket match being played between hostellers makes their bonding stronger.

 Disadvantages of hostel life

  • Staying at the hostel makes you miss your home more but at the same time detaches you from the same.
  • Hostel food sucks due to which students lose weight quickly. Unhygienic hostel food affects the health of students.
  • Hostel life gives very much of freedom which acts as a disadvantage to students.
  • Ragging by seniors affects the mental health of many students living in the hostel.
  • Students get influenced by many of their friends and start to smoke and drink, which affects their health in future.

I do find hostel life great fun because I got to stay with my friends twenty-four hours a day and enjoy all the school activities with them, but I did find myself craving for home life too. So, hostel life is a mixture of pain and pleasure but is recommended for all students.

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