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Poverty and education are two different sides of a coin. It shouldn’t be thought that without money education is impossible. If there is a will in doing something then it can be done at any cost. Despite tall claims by the government and voluntary female empowerment organizations, a vast majority of the girls still remain illiterate in India. During the last four decades since independence, much has been done to emancipate women empowerment. Girls education is one of the basic features of ours plans. Many school and colleges were founded for girls. Even co-education has received considerable support from the public, and although orthodox parents still view the system of co-education with suspicion, a large number of families send their daughters to co-educational institutions. Women education is, indeed, receiving a great impetus and the advance made by our country in this direction during the last decade or so is considerable.
If we compare the daily life struggle then girl’s world is bit tough than the man’s life. It is being increasingly recognized that educated wives and mothers are an asset to a nation and neither expense nor effort should be spared to make female education popular and even compulsory. Being educated, they are working in banks, private firms, hospitals and government offices. Education has led to their economic independence and equality with menfolk. They have now an honoured position in society and have secured their rights from men. But all this is confined chiefly to the urban areas.

importance of female education essay

In rural areas most of the people are against female education or girl’s empowerment. Much needs to be done yet. An intensive propaganda is necessary to popularize female education not only in towns and cities where its value is already recognized but in villages where the education of girls is still in its infancy and poverty in education exist. There are many villages in where schools for girl’s do not exist. Every village must have a girl’s school or if that is not possible owing to lack of funds, parents should be persuaded to admit their daughters to boys’ school. Women empowering women practice would be very fruitful in the rural area. Women and education are both an important asset of the country. To strengthen the support the country needs to turn up towards gender empowerment. We need to ensure that girls women of our country are getting the required education living in any corner of the country. Teachers training about women education rights is important topic that must be added to the academics of the school activity. For this propaganda, teacher education program is necessary to educate the staff more about female education and girls’ empowerment. To encourage the women empowerment programs, necessary activity and programs for girls should be introduced to the students. One can promote this propaganda of women empowerment through education.
Furthermore, the extreme poverty of the Indian masses makes it imperative that education for girls should be free up to the matriculation standard. If facilities for female education are provided in every village, it will also be possible to make it compulsory. Regular seminars can highlight the importance of female education. Special legislation about then be enacted to deal with parents who neglect the education of their daughters. This compulsion would be essential in early stages because most villagers are too ignorant to understand the value of education for girls. Girls empowerment organizations or female empowerment organization must be established in such places.
For we cannot escape the natural fact that the girls have one day to become wives and mothers. Due emphasis should be laid on nursing, cooking, laundry, household work etc in education of girls. They should be given lesson on child psychology. Ample opportunities should exist for them to learn the arts of dancing, music and painting if they have the necessary aptitude. That being so, the nature of education that is given to them now must be such as to prove useful to them in their capacity as wives and mothers. No doubt certain girls show promise of growing into artists, writers, orators, politicians and so forth. Many prefer to follow the professionals like medical, educational, or legal. Still others may like to become steno typists, secretaries, business executives, receptionists, telephone operators etc. but the majority of girls have naturally a distinct preference for general education, after which they will enter intro matrimony and settle down at homes.

Equality of women /about gender equality

It should not be forgotten, however, that the education given to girls ought to be strictly in accordance with their needs. at present, practically no distinction exists between education of boys and that of girls. There should not be any gender inequality in education. The two sexes are taught the same subjects both at school and college level and they have to appear in the same examinations. That is clearly absurd. We must lose sight of the fact that while boys have to be trained for careers, girls have to be prepared for both career as well as duties of becoming a good mother. So, in simple there should be gender equality in education.
 Looking back at history, we find that women were treated with respect in the Indian the Vedic age women were educated. However, as society became orthodox, there was change in their status. They were confined to the four walls of kitchen and occupied in rearing children. Men became bread earners and it was considered necessary for them to be educated. The roles of men and women was thus separated.
But now the social scene has considerably changed. Women all over the world are being educated in almost every field that men were so far normally associated with. The knowledge of arts, science, technology and politics is no longer the privilege of men alone. Women have begun to study these subjects and have brought great credit to themselves and their nation by active contribution in those fields. As a result, every school is now conscious of imparting education to girls. Some states even give incentive to them. This has been done primarily because even today there are some orthodox people who feel that woman’s place is only in her home.

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Impact of education on women empowerment

One cannot deny the fact that it is absolutely essential to educate the women in any society. If the woman is an educated mother, she can bring up children much better. Being aware of the events and thought prevailing in the world, she can help to broaden the horizon for her children. In case the male in the family is unable to work for some reason, the women can be financially independent too. She can supplement the income of the family by taking up a job, thus providing a better standard of living for her children and husband. Girls right to education is must now.

Role of education in women empowerment

Wisdom requires that girls should be sent to school and later to college and encouraged to lead the society. It has been said that “you educate a man and you educate one person, but when you educate a woman you educate a whole family”. The influence of a woman in the home is greater than man and her education spreads within the family. Her education is more important because she is the first teacher of her child and is it not true that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
So, while all possible arrangements should exist in schools and colleges to encourage talent or special aptitude for a particular profession, the average girl should be so educated and trained as to enable her to make a home life happy, healthy and civilized. Save girl educate girl.

NGO for girl’s / women empowerment organizations

To provide social, educational and economic women empowerment and education to girls. Prevents child marriages in rural areas. Through these NGO’s education and empowerment of girl child is served. Some NGO like
1)     SEWA
Some women empowerment organizations in Asia
They highlight the importance of women and female education to the world.

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